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Actors=Pamela MacDonald
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Michael Armbruster

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I personally like movies when you have a plot, but not every single detail is predictable from the beginning.
You can absolutely watch this with the whole family, even children and it’ll leave beautiful messages to learn like: Be strong, fight for what you want without stepping over someone else and you will get it, leave all your problems aside when someone needs you and always give it all.
It’s totally worth your time.

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This show was so formulaic.
First, woman screws up her options in NYC so has to move back to small town USA. There she sees all the people who “loved her when” and of course, starts up with the old boy friend who is just “such a great hometown guy. Gilmore Girls anyone?
Second, she decides to teach girls to dance. But I don’t actually see her really teaching them anything. Just makes them do push ups when they misbehave.
Third, Oh yes, the competitions. Of course they win. Annoying watching the parents jump and scream “that’s my kid” in the middle of the show. So inappropriate, that is just not ok in my book. Show some real respect instead of drawing attention to your parental self.
Four, I hated the dance routines. All of them. She was a professional jazz/ballet dancer. What kind of dancing are these kids doing? I wouldn’t call it anything but cheerleading. This is NOT dancing. I was super disappointed by the dancing. I mean REALLY disappointed.
Five, the story was written for 6-7 year old people, I think. That is ok, I guess, but it shouldn’t pretend to be anything else but a kids matinee.

This drama, I can say it brings joy and happiness. I like this drama so much.
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