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5 Ways A Good Invoicing System Will Help Grow Your Business

5 ways Invoicing system helps business

Once you’ve finished your project, the last step on the way to getting paid is creating an invoice and sending it to your client. Most people find invoicing to be a big menial chore and prefer to get done with it as fast as they can. Very often, in their haste, they end up making …

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The Ultimate Guide To Creating GST Invoices For Freelance Digital Marketers

Ultimate Guide GST Freelance Marketers

So, now you’re a freelance digital marketer. You’ve just finished your first project and now you want payment from your client. So you need to send your client an invoice. So what should this invoice contain? What are the latest GST notifications to abide by? This guide will answer all your questions about GST invoices …

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How To Create A GST Invoice For Freelance Developers

What You Need To Know As A Freelance Developer Here, in this guide, we will attempt to explain whether or not you need to register for GST and if you have to, then how much do you need to pay and how to create a GST-compliant invoice. Q1. Do I need to Register For GST …

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7 Common Invoicing Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Invoicing mistakes

Preparing and sending an invoice is an essential step in getting paid by your clients. Although preparing an invoice may sound simple, making mistakes or not including all the relevant details could at best cost you a delay in payment and at worst non-payment or reduced payment because of incorrect itemizing or not including tax …